Commercial Overview

DLS values its business partners. Here’s what we provide.

Quick Response
As a  commercial lender DLS solves problems fast. We deliver credit approval within 48 hours, underwriting can be completed in 72 hours, and settlement made as quickly as 30 working days from application.

Variety of Loan Programs
Commercial loan programs fund debt consolidation, business expansion, property refinancing and purchases or other needs.

Our DLS programs keeps you up to date on the latest in commercial mortgages and demonstrates your ability to provide solutions where others cannot.

DLS is a Direct Lender
We have the capacity to understand unusual loans and circumstances. As a  commercial lender, we know what is involved in making Commercial Loans, it’s all we do.

We Handle All Processing!
DLS really does make Commercial Lending easy! You only need to send us 1003 and credit,score then sell the terms. We order appraisal, we order title, we collect all necessary documents, we schedule closing!

Your business is helping clients achieve their goals. Our business, as a commercial lender, is helping you.

Your success requires making deals happen for your clients, despite obstacles like uncertain cash flow or credit problems. So it’s a tough situation when your valued clients or prospects need loans bankers can’t approve. Now you can turn to DLS, a  commercial lender, for help in solving these clients’ problems by offering financing that is better than ‘commercial hard money’. We specialize in business loans and commercial mortgages secured by many types of real estate. We underwrite “no income verification” loans and will understand the needs of applicants who are self-employed.

Again what we offer

6% start rates

Nationwide Lender

A to D Credit

5+ Unit Commercial Properties


Property Types

Rates Start at 6%

$100,000 to 10 Million plus


Gas Stations

Salvage Yards


Vacant Lots


Condo Hotels


Manufactured Housing

Mobile Homes



Essential questions to ask about potential commercial building financing

When you get a commercial inquiry, you should first fully complete a 1003 and get credit score. That will give you most of the information you need to submit the deal. Be sure to ask the following questions during that initial interview.

  1. When did you buy the building, what did you pay for it?
    This is necessary to determine what kind of investment your borrower has in the building. The less the personal investment from the borrower, the harder the commercial building financing is to book.
  2. Why do you want to do this loan? What are your plans for the building?
    If you don’t understand the purpose of the transaction, your lender will lose faith in you. The deal has to make sense to the borrower, the lender and the broker.
  3. Why have you had past credit problems?Just like residential, for commercial building financing lenders will look for positive credit history. All lates generally need explanations.
  4. For purchases, where is the down payment money coming from? Commercial mortgages require 20-45% down payment depending on the property and the experience of the buyer. The down payment must be real money that belongs to the borrower. No gifts of equity.
  1. Can my customer use their DLS loan to pay taxes? Yes, DLS understands that there are many reasons why someone may need a loan for taxes. Many borrowers have used their DLS loan to bring their taxes current.
  2. My customer’s credit is not perfect, can you help them? Yes. Past credit history is very important to a final loan decision, however DLS understands that small business owners may not have perfect credit and is willing to look at scores as low as 500.  DLS takes a common sense approach to the approval process. We are going to look at all aspects of the loan request, and we will listen to their story to qualify them.
  3. My bank can’t help my customer because the request is too small. Can you help? Yes, DLS will make loans as large as $10 million plus . And, we are happy to consider requests as low as $100,000.
  4. The bank turned my customer down recently, can you help? YES! All we do are loans to commercial property owners. We understand their unique needs. DLS takes a “common sense” approach to approving their request. We are helping business owners, like your customer,  every day who have been turned down by their bank.
  5. What are the up front costs? There is absolutely no up front cost to get an approval from DLS Mortgage. After we have approved the loan and your customer has a binding commitment letter in their hands, they will need to purchase an appraisal of their property from one of our approved appraisers. DO NOT order your own appraisal. This is your customer’s only expense before closing. If we can’t offer a commitment letter, or they decide not to purchase an appraisal, there is no cost to them.

When sending deals for review with DLS please send the following

1003 Commercial Application

Credit Score with credit explanation letter

Summary of Deal

Digital Photos of Property

Income expense statement

Rent Roll

12 months bank statements

Any questions call Todd 716-932-0115