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Preparing to Ship an RV

RV Transport may appear to be a complicated process, but in most cases it is as easy as shipping any other kind of auto transport. Due to the size and complexity, however, you should choose an RV transporter that is licensed and experienced in shipping RVs. By allowing a few weeks to choose a transporter, make arrangements, and prepare your RV for transport, you can be sure that the entire process goes smoothly.

When transporting an rv, consider important issues such as proper licensing, RV insurance coverage, and questions to ask. You can ask a RV transporter to tow or drive your RV, depending on what type or classification it is.

Preparing an RV for transport does not take long, but it is very important, because RVs are complex vehicles that could be damaged during transport. A categorized checklist is very useful for preparation.
Finally, before handing off your RV to a transporter, you should check that your RV will be covered in case of an accident or damage. This is as simple as asking about RV transport insurance and checking RV transporter qualifications against public records. Understanding an RV shipping contract and insurance issues will protect you in case of an accident.


We Go Look

First, tell us what you want us to look at or do…

  • Your dream car listed on eBay
  • Pick up the sunglasses you left in your hotel and ship them home
  • A new house before you move
  • That groovy vintage couch across the country
  • Your smokin’ hot online date

You name it, we do it!

Then, order your WeGoLook Report online.

Relax and go play fetch with Fido–we’ve got it from here. We match your item or task with a Looker (Agent) that lives by your cool new kicks.

Lookers are EVERYWHERE.

An appointment is scheduled and your Looker visits the item on your behalf.

  • We take photos of your new diggs.
  • And videos too! You have got to see this thing in action for yourself.
  • Your custom task is performed on your behalf–it is like you are two places at once!

Your Rockstar Looker uploads all the data via the sweet WeGoLook App while on-site and submits back to the WeGoLook minions at HQs.

Every Report is reviewed by a real person in our office to make sure all of your questions are answered.

Then the final WeGoLook Report is sent back to you!

Open up your email and check out your shiny new gadget with the click of a button.

Now you get to decide: After you have verified, is it time to buy?



Boatshed is one of the world’s largest yacht brokerage groups that prides itself on giving potential buyers the most complete and accurate picture of the boat that they want to buy.

Boatshed Brokers personally visit every boat that they list, taking up to 80 photographs and videos which are available online to registered users anywhere in the world. We also undertake viewings, negotiate offers, attend surveys, deal with legal  and compliance issues, handle client funds,  plus offer support and liaison throughout the sales process.

Boatshed’s service combines traditional Yacht Brokers working in a local designated area. All brokers are trained and use a standardised set of procedures and award winning technology. Our services are offered across an international network of over 50 offices.

Boatshed offices each operate under an individual license.  Each office is a separate, legal entity with its own business and name, operating within its locality.  As licensees of the Boatshed system all offices have standard working practices, standard procedures and use standard agreements and contracts, so that each office maintains the highest levels of customer service and professionalism – concepts at the heart of Boatshed since it was formed by Neil and Mandy Chapman in 1998.

Jay Leno’s Garage

There are few car collections that can rival Jay Leno’s.

Now that his 20 years as host of the “Tonight Show” has come to an end, Leno will undoubtedly be spending more time with his beloved cars. Located in a series of large hangars at the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, California, Leno’s Big Dog Garage has been such a sensation that his NBC-produced web series on its contents have become one of the most popular shows on Youtube, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Leno’s collection, estimated to include about 150 cars and motorcycles, ranges from daily drivers to Smithsonian-worthy pieces. Most of the cars are restored and looked after by Leno and a small team of mechanics. Even more amazing, every car in garage is licensed and legal to drive.

Here are 25 of the most interesting and historically significant autos in Leno’s collection.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/jay-leno-best-cars-2014-6?op=1#ixzz3VJUAGPMf

Why We Like Working at Dealer Car Search

Customer Service is at the very core of our company’s existence. We strive not only to meet your expectations but we wish to exceed your expectations each and every time we provide Customer Service to your organization.

  • Perfect 5 Star Google Reputation
  • Proven Track Record
  • Trusted Industry Leader
  • Nationwide Footprint
  • Recognized
  • Go-to-Assist Remote in Support
  • Customer Centric Support
  • Fast, Friendly, Knowledgeable Customer Service
  • CSR Performance is Rated Daily by the Customers
  • CSR Ratings are Read Daily by CEO

The Frontstage Backstage Opportunity

This Video:
00:26 A Tale of Two Stages
01:20 Identifying Problems in your Stage Presence
02:56 Fixing your Business with the Six Stage Process


Taki Moore here from Coach Marketing Machine!

Today I want to talk to you about how to get the front stage and back stage of your business sorted so you can spend more time doing the stuff that you love and way less time doing lot of the admin groundwork that you, probably, hate.

Stay tuned, I’ll show you exactly how to do it!

A Tale of Two Stages

Alright, so back in university – yeah, I actually went to Uni and studied business – there was one class that was amazing! The rest was kinda, sort of, okay. There was one class that was amazing and the lecturer taught me about the idea of front stages and back stages. So, every business has got a front stage, and every business has a back-stage.

The front stage is when you’re front of house, in front of clients or prospects or the market.

And backstage is everything that happens behind the scenes that nobody ever sees.The backstage is obviously to support the front stage!

Make sense?

So every business has got a front stage and a back stage.

Here’s what I think I know about you – probably, you don’t love the backstage so much. You love the front stage, right? You love to speak and coach and train and create and communicate. And the truth is that probably the front stage loves you back. You get a whole lot of love and appreciation and money and energy from the front stage. So, you love the front stage, the front stage loves you too; you get paid for the front stage; you don’t get paid for the backstage – chances are, you don’t love the backstage at all!

Identifying Problems in your Stage Presence

Here’s the problem then – you’re a front stage guy or a front stage gal, but you’ve got backstage needs. If all you’ve got is the front stage, you just quickly speed up the rate at which people find out you know good. So, you need a backstage operation that keeps you front stage and gets you front stage as much as you possibly can. But because you’re not a natural backstage person, usually you’ve got problems in three areas.

The areas are:

1. You
2. Your team, and
3. Your business

So, with you, the problems are that you spend too much time, wasting so much time, on stuff that you shouldn’t be doing, right?

And the flipside of that is, you’re not spending nearly enough time doing the things that you should – the front stage stuff, because you just don’t have time.

When it comes to your team, if you’d be rocking at front stage, you know, if you’d be incredible at coach, consult, train, and deliver, you need an A-grade team. But frankly, the problem is that you’ve probably got some kind of B-grade backstage support going on. So, I’m sure they mean well and they’re doing their very best, but there’s probably some B-grade performance going on.

Secondly, you’ve got a whole bunch of ideas, projects and concepts in your head that you’d love to unleash and get out but there’s a bottleneck because you don’t have a way to get them out of your head and into people’s hands, quick enough. So, on the team front, that’s B-grade players and a bottleneck!

Thirdly, when it comes to your business, well, I don’t know you but I work with a bunch of, kind of, creative coaches. And so, typically, they’re disorganised, right? And secondly, really reactive when it comes to your planning out the year – the shiny object syndrome – they go here, then they go here, then they go here, then they go here – they’re really reactive!

So these are three problems around you, your team and your business, right?

Fixing your Business with the Six Stage Process

Here’s what we know – too much time doing stuff you shouldn’t, not enough time doing stuff you should; B-grade support, projects getting bottlenecked so you can’t get them out; disorganised, and getting reactive.

What’s the upshot of all of that? The upshot’s really simple.

Number one, that you’re overworked and, number two, that you’re underpaid!

There are six things that you need to do about it!

1. You want to work from your genius! Find the things that you are great at and spend all of your time doing those. You want to be a front stage person, you need to step into things that only you can do, that you are passionate about, that you’re incredible at – frankly, that the market will pay for, right? Genius!
2. How do you eliminate the other stuff? For all the stuff that you shouldn’t be doing, we need to learn some productivity hacks. So, we’ve just spent two days working on Genius and productivity hacks.
3. We’ve also been talking about working with a team of ninjas, you know training up some ninjas, who can take care of the backstage stuff for you. What’s their job? Their job is to support you so you can spend more time front stage.
4. In terms of projects getting bottlenecked, and not being able to get stuff out of your heads and into people’s hands quick enough, you need to learn how to hand off projects in a way that they stay handed off. So, you’re really clear about what you want and you’re able to communicate it clearly so that you can pass it over and it stays handed over forever, and now they can run the project for you.
5. On the business side of things, instead of being disorganised and reactive, we want a pulse in your business. A series of tasks which happen every day like clockwork, every week like clockwork; every month like clockwork; every quarter, every year like clockwork – exactly how it has to be. So you don’t have to chase it or remember it – it just happens!
6. And then, finally, in terms of being reactive, I want to lay some tracks, a really clear plan for the year. So you just follow the plan and do exactly what it says. No more shiny objects. Instead of being overworked and underpaid, you get to do what you love and be rewarded handsomely for it.

So we’ve just spent two days at the Backstage Intensive, going deep into how to do those six things incredibly well and how to setup the backstage of your coaching business so it lets you step forward and be front stage as much as possible.

If you want to learn a little bit more about that, then just send us an email – Blackbelt@moreclients.com.au or message me below. I’d love to have a chat with you about how to get you front stage, more!

Listen, if you like this tip, click the “Like” button. In fact, don’t just click the like button – this has been killer – smash the like button!

Scroll down to the bottom and leave me a comment. If you’d like to know more about working with me and Blackbelt or about how to get you more front stage, leave me a comment. Love to continue the conversation down there. Either that, or private message me on Facebook, if that’s easier for you.


Take good care.

I’ll talk to you soon!

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The RV Industry Boom: Why It’s Good for You

The RV Industry Boom: Why It’s Good for You

It’s a good time for the RV industry—and for those looking to buy an RV. After a difficult time during the recession, the RV manufacturers and wholesalers who managed to stay afloat are experiencing the benefits. For RV and travel trailer buyers, this means low prices and a better selection. Both dealers and consumers are showing confidence in RV investments, helping to drive this positive momentum.

Consumer demand has skyrocketed recently, meaning that dealers are purchasing larger orders to keep up. Movement like this in any industry means both suppliers and consumers have much to benefit from. Plus, aspects such as available credit, low interest, and a better economy are making RV purchasing more accessible for buyers of differing financial means.

Shipments of RVs to dealers are up to 348,000 units, a whopping 8.4% higher than last year. Comparatively, the lowest point of RV shipments in 2009 came in at 165,700 units. Some other numbers showing the boom of the RV industry are:

  • Sales are up 50% since 2009
  • RV shipments expected to increase 4% to 361,500 units by 2015
  • 2014 October sales almost reached a 40 year high for that month
  • Total workforce now estimated to be 525,000, up from 280,000 in 2009

Prices are still good, though. Towable RVs are priced at an average of $29,000 but can be found as low as $8,000. Unfortunately, motorhomes, the more luxurious and expensive option, are still lagging behind this upswing with lower sales. A new motorhome rvmotorhome can be purchased at a price anywhere from $45,000 to $1.5 million.

Overall, now is a great time to invest in an RV. Learn more about the best places to take your new RV on vacation.

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