2 RV’s 4 Sale 97 Country Coach $24,995 & 1999 WB Advantage $29,995

1997 country coach
diesel pusher class a motorhome
325 hp Cummins turbo diesel
Allison transmission
Leather seats and couch
Standup shower
Lots of storage space
Much more
88,000 miles
Todd 716-932-0115


1999 Winnebago Ultimate Adventurer 38′ Great for Bills games, camping, or traveling!! Super low mileage. Only 45,191 miles. Caterpillar diesel engine. Full shower, oven, microwave, full shower, lots of storage, fridge, and lot’s more!!!!
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Dump Trucks Top 10 to 12 Must Go This Month

2005 Kenworth T800 Steel Bed only $59995





2005 Western Star Aluminum Bed 460 HP only $42,995

1997 Kenworth T800 Steel Bed 400 HP only $25,995

1995 Kodiak Single Axle 227,900 Miles only $12995

2007 Kenworth T300 Single Axle only $32995

2006 Volvo Aluminum Bed only $45,995

2006 Green Single Axle 4600 Dump Truck only $29,995

2005 White Single Axle Dump Truck 7300 only $29,995

2000 Freightliner Water Truck 4000 Gallon only $29,995




1995 Mack Single Axle Dump Truck only $12,995

1986 Green Mack Tandem Dump Truck only $14995

1996 Mack Tri Axle Steel Dump Truck only $29,995






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Mortgage brokers discover six figure incomes in non-mortgage business loan opportunities

With more than three million foreclosures anticipated this year, the federal government becoming more restrictive and the entire mortgage industry in turmoil, it is essential for mortgage brokers to “think outside of the box.” Some have discovered they can not only survive, but they can easily regain their high average annual incomes and the prestige of being in the finance industry. Significant opportunities for commercial loans A huge, largely untapped opportunity exists for non-mortgage commercial business loans. One example is a Connecticut mortgage broker who felt the pressure of a 60-plus percent drop in mortgage loan applications and looked into becoming a commercial loan broker to increase his product line. He decided to specialize in loan products for medical professionals: Signature loans, practice acquisition and debt restructuring. In his first six months, he earned $70,000 in commissions and has transactions in progress worth $100,000 in income. Mortgage brokers discover six figure incomes in non-mortgage business loan opportunities ◄ Amounts funded for commercial loans often are much higher than a typical mortgage, giving brokers greater income for the same amount of work. The potential of commissions of up to 12 percent on very large transactions are possible. ◄ Some loan products offer residual income. ◄ It is a logical fit for brokers who are experienced in creating attractive loan packages. ◄ Unlike the residential mortgage industry, commercial loans are not regulated and require no license. ◄ The market is wide open. ◄ Banks are tightening standards for loan approvals, turning away businesses and turning them toward commercial loan brokers. ◄ Business owners make up approximately 25 to 30 percent of a mortgage broker’s database, creating immediate access to a huge market. Many loan products (i.e., working capital, new equipment leasing or financing, new business acquisitions and debt restructuring) fall under the commercial loan umbrella. 1. Equipment leasing This is by far the largest growing segment of financing in the country. This year, it is estimated that U.S. companies will finance more than $350 billion of equipment. Rather than drain cash reserves for new equipment, they can finance the equipment with no money down. ◄ Typical commission: Seven to 10 percent of the amount financed. ◄ Typical transaction size: $10,000 to $500,000-plus. II. Accounts receivable financing When a company transacts business, it sends an invoice. People usually take 60 to 90 days to pay, which creates a huge cash flow problem for the company sending the invoice because suppliers, payroll, rent, etc., need to be paid each week. As a result, you provide them with a line of credit so they can borrow money against outstanding receivables. ◄ Typical commission: Two percent of the initial line of credit and ongoing income each month for the life of the loan. ◄ Typical transaction size: $100,000 to $3 million. III. Business acquisition financing You can help your clients acquire companies by leveraging or refinancing the assets of the company they want to acquire. In simpler terms, they can buy the company with the company’s own money, while expending very little cash of their own. ◄ Typical commission: Negotiable, usually three to five percent of the amount financed and a small amount of equity in the company. ◄ Typical transaction size: Usually $500,000-plus. IV. Sale and lease-back programs Companies are always looking for additional working capital. Many of them have a lot of money sitting in their business that they do not even know existed. You will be able to take the existing equipment they own and finance it so they have working capital. ◄ Typical commission: Three to five percent of the loan amount. ◄ Typical transaction size: $100,000 to $1 million. V. Debt restructuring Companies saddled with several loans and high monthly payments can refinance them into one convenient loan and arrange one low monthly payment, usually saving at least 30 percent each month. ◄ Typical commission: Two to six percent of the loan amount. ◄ Typical transaction size: Usually $100,000-plus. VI. Commercial bridge loans Many times, after a company is approved for a loan at its bank or financial institution, the loan will not close for four to six months. During that time, short-term or bridge loans, paid when the senior loan closes, satisfy their immediate capital needs. ◄ Typical commission: Three to five percent of the amount financed. ◄ Typical transaction size: $300,000 to $3 million. VII. Medical practice acquisition financing and working capital loans You can generate loans for medical professionals to help finance their existing equipment. Additionally, you will be able to provide working capital … signature loans up to $250,000 that can be used to upgrade their facilities, expand their practice, update equipment, pay taxes or for any other purpose they choose. These high-demand loans are approved within 24 hours, close very quickly and will earn you high commissions. ◄ Typical commission: Three to six percent of the loan amount. ◄ Typical transaction size: $100,000 to $1 million. Sources for business The types of businesses that need financing options like these are limitless: Construction companies, retailers, software manufacturers, equipment suppliers, churches, schools, government agencies, franchises and employment agencies, just to name a few. The skills, practices and expertise of mortgage brokers easily transfer to the field of commercial loans. Expanding your product line to include commercial loans places you in a premium position to supplement your income or to replace lost income from sharply declining mortgage applications. The time is now for exploring commercial loans for your business!

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Budweiser | A Dream Delivered | Folds of Honor

This summer, we’ve been honoring those who protect our freedom to dream. So we delivered a life-changing scholarship to a family who has sacrificed for their country and for each other with the help of Folds of Honor and Adam Driver. #ThisBudsForYou

Since 2011, we’ve awarded scholarships to more than 2,000 families of fallen or injured veterans through our partnership with Folds of Honor. And earlier this year, we honored another group of veterans with a surprise befitting their service: https://youtu.be/yzMSzLkOkJA

Learn more about our partnership with Folds of Honor here: http://www.budweiser.com/en/our-brand…


Diversified Lending Service

Here at Diversified Lending Service, we specialize in bringing buyers and sellers together. We have developed an in-depth internet platform that allows businesses to use the best business development, recruiting, networking, and information technologies. Get in touch with us to learn more about how our team can help you with equipment financing, commercial mortgages, internet marketing, and so much more. Call Diversified Lending Service today to learn more. (800) 599-8153

2 International Single Axle Dump Trucks 4 Sale

2005 International 7300 Dump Truck White $32,995

TRUCK Ad ID: 122266844
Price: $32,995.00
Phone: (716) 932-0115
2005 International 7300,We provided financing Todd 716-932-0115 $34995, 7169320115
Appears In:

2006 Green International Dump Truck $32,995

TRUCK Ad ID: 122266830
Price: $32,995.00
Phone: (716) 932-0115
2006 International 4300,Year2006ManufacturerINTERNATIONALModel4300ConditionUsedMileage162,955

Call Todd Taylor 716-932-0115 or 800-599-8153

(3) PeterBilt Tri-Axle Dump Trucks 4 Sale Wholesale Priced

1999 Peterbilt Tri-Axle Dump Truck Steel Bed $34,995

Red peterbilt tri axle dump in very good condition. Has approx 430,000 miles. It has a 270 inch wheelbase

Wholesale Priced http://www.commercialtrucktrader.com/listing/-122041210/


2005 Peterbilt Tri Axle Dump Truck only $59995

2005 PETERBILT, 378, Heavy Duty Trucks – Dump Trucks, Caterpillar C-13, 8LL, , 470 Horse Power, Air Trac Suspension, Wheels, 228 Wheel Base, 11R24.5, Axle, 3.91 Ratio 356k miles

Wholesale Priced Click http://www.commercialtrucktrader.com/listing/-122041322/

2008 Peterbilt Tri Axle Dump Truck only 42,789 Miles 4 $109,750

2008 PETERBILT, 378, Heavy Duty Trucks – Dump Trucks, Cummins ISM, 8LL, Triaxle, 16′ Ox Steel Dump w/56″ Sides, ISM Cummins 370 HP, 8LL, Jake, 4.33 Ratio, Chalmers, Diff Lock, Double Frame, Air Ride Cab, 20K FA, 46K RA, 20K Pusher, Electric Tarp, Air Tailgate, 232″ WB, 21’7″ Bridge, P/S

Wholesale Priced Click

Financing Provided Call Todd at 716-932-0115